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Using HPE Containers (HPE2–N68)

Official Certification Study Guide

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This study guide helps you prepare for HPE Product Certified - Containers [2021] exam (HPE2-N68). Learn how to:

* Discuss container technologies including Docker and Kubernetes

* Position and recommend HPE Ezmeral Container Platform solutions

* Install and set up various environments

* Deploy Big Data or AI/ML Workloads

Beyond container foundations, this guide provides a practical on-the-job reference for designing and implementing container solutions leveraging the power of HPE Ezmeral Container Platform. Topics include HPE Ezmeral setup and configuration, and use of enhanced capabilities for managing Kubernetes, deploying big data solutions, implementing AI/ML workloads, and more.

Note:  The HPE Ezmeral Container Platform is now known as HPE Ezmeral Runtime, a unified software platform built on 100% open-source Kubernetes and designed for both cloud-native applications and non-cloud-native applications running on any infrastructure, either on-premises or hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


About the Author

Miriam Allred has spent the last nine years configuring, testing, and troubleshooting HP wired and wireless networks. Miriam combines this wide range of technical expertise with pedagogy and instructional design training, allowing her to create technical training courses for both advanced and entry-level networking professionals. Miriam Allred has a Masters degree from Cleveland State University and a Bachelors degree from Brigham Young University.

Publishing Details

Author Miriam Allred

DateJun 22, 2021

TypePaperback, 476 pages

Exam #HPE2–N68

ISBN ISBN: 1736015591
ISBN13: 9781736015599