Book Proposal Guidelines

This document provides authors with information about HPE Press and our Submission Guidelines.

Interested in writing for HPE Press?

As the official publisher of HPE Study Guides, technology books, and other titles, HPE Press offers authors unique opportunities. Authors receive support from HPE as well as the Editorial, Marketing and Production teams at HPE Press. HPE Press provides global distribution. Our books are branded with the HPE logo. Professionals and students turn to HPE Press to help them prepare for certification, do their jobs well, and learn about the latest technologies and solutions.

HPE Press currently publishes 2 primary series:

  • HPE Study Guides - These guides help students and professionals prepare for certification exams and also serve as valuable reference sources on HPE technologies and solutions.
  • HPE Solutions Series - These guides provide partners and customers with crisp, clear introductions to HPE strategic business solutions. They bridge the knowledge gap leading to the adoption of HPE solutions and offer a novel or cutting edge take on topics and developments related to new innovations. They are suitable for IT professionals and/or a more general audience.

Submission Guidelines

We require authors to submit a Book Proposal so that we can fairly evaluate potential projects and, if we enter into a contract, ensure that expectations about the work to be produced are clear to both of us.

To submit a proposal for our consideration, HPE Press requests that you email with Subject: HPE Press Book Proposal Submission on <topic>. Please attach your Book Proposal to this email.

Book Proposal

Your proposal should include the following content:

Submission Guidelines

Book Title

The working title for your book.

Author Name(s)

The name of each author and key contact information.


Describe the idea for your book in a nutshell, one or two sentences.

Table of Contents and Book Outline

Include a Table of Contents (TOC) with chapter titles. Please either list the topics, sub-topics and add explanatory notes as needed, or provide a chapter by chapter description (half a page max per chapter). This is a roadmap for the reviewers.

Overview, Objectives and Selling Points

In 3 pages or less, describe what your book is about, why you are writing it and why HPE Press should want to publish it. For example - What question will you answer? What is your argument? Why is this book important? What are the broad facts that make this a compelling topic? What will make your book unique or remarkable? What makes it different from other books on this topic? Does it solve a problem? Explicate a new or critical technology or solution? Help the reader achieve certain learning objectives? Draw upon exclusive case study material or unique author experience? Fill a hole in the existing literature? Provide new insight into, or a new approach to, a subject of significant market interest? List at least 3 things readers will take away from your book. What will they learn and how will it help them? Not every proposal will answer all of these questions, but this section should describe how your book will accomplish the goals you've set for yourself and make clear why this book is needed.

Target Audience

Describe the main audience (e.g., AIS/ASE/MASE exam certification candidates, cloud architects, CTOs, IT managers, network designers, project managers, storage architects, students, etc.) in about half a page. In your description of the audience, include likely job descriptions, experience levels, and minimum qualifications or level of knowledge. What's your estimate of the market size? If you've completed a market analysis or researched the market, be sure to cite the evidence that supports your estimate. Why will these folks want to read your book?

Competitive Works

Provide an overview of 5 pages or less of the key literature on your topic, including an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each (typically, such reviews cover the top 5-10 books in the field, often a mix of classics and recent releases; be sure to include the full title, author's name and publication date for each). How will your book be similar to the competition? How will your book be different from, or add to, what's already out there on this topic?


What's your book's estimated page count? How long will it take you to write it? Do you see your book fitting in with one of HPE Press' primary series? If so, which one? Will your book include special features, such as reference resources, tutorial materials, or post-chapter sample tests? Are you hoping to develop supplements, such as CDs, DVDs, podcasts, or online materials?

Writing Sample (Optional)

You may add a chapter sample if you wish, but it is not required.

Author Bio

Provide a one or two paragraph biography on your authoring experience and background. If there is more than one author, please include a bio for each.


Book proposals submitted to HPE Press are reviewed by our reviewer pool, but we also try to get feedback from area experts recommended by authors. If you choose to recommend potential reviewer(s), please provide for each: name, title, the topic or market for which their expertise is relevant, and contact information if you have it. If you would prefer that any material submitted to your recommended reviewer(s) be submitted anonymously, please let us know now. Lastly, please note that we do not share the names of selected reviewers without their permission.

Submission form

To submit a proposal for our consideration, HPE Press requests that you fill in the form below. Please attach your Book Proposal to your submission.