HPE Press now offers learners the opportunity to order self-directed training in a remote lab environment. The self-directed remote lab kit consists of a lab guide with exercises and a lab voucher to access remotely available equipment, specially setup for completing the exercises.

Upon purchase you will receive an email confirmation that will include the following:

  • Lab Voucher ID
  • A downloadable Lab Guide
  • A link to the HPE Self-Direct Remote Lab scheduling tool

Terms and Conditions

Please note the terms and conditions below:

  • Only valid credit cards are accepted to order the self-directed lab kit.
  • Your lab voucher is valid immediately upon purchase and for 90 days thereafter until used.
  • All orders are final. No refunds will be granted.


For questions and assistance with using the HPE Self-Directed Remote Lab, please contact HPE Remote Lab Support Team.
For any questions and assistance with your order, please contact HPE Press Customer Service.