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HPE1-H03 Practice Test (HPE Master ASE Storage)


HPE1-H03 Practice Test

HPE Master ASE Storage Sample Exam

The HPE1-H03 practical exam for the HPE Storage Master ASE V4 certification is unlike the typical proctored HPE0 exams and requires a different preparation process. The exam is delivered online with a remote proctor.  You will need to answer written questions in the Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) item format. You will also access mock-customer environments and answer questions or perform tasks in those environments. These are referred to as practical items because they require you to apply your practical skills rather than simply answer questions about them.

This standalone practice test (or sample exam) offers the following features and benefits:

  • 15 sample exam questions that are graded as an assessment. These include
  • 12 DOMC items, plus
  • 3 hybrid items

The hybrid items use screenshots to simulate information a candidate will need to find and analyze in a live environment. To access the practice test, hosted on the same platform as used in the exam, visit:
HPE Master ASE Storage Solutions V4 Sample Exam

Note: The practice test does not provide questions that you will receive in the actual certification exam. The intent of these items is not to show you the full breadth of topic areas or to demonstrate the experience that test-takers may have when logging into a live environment. Rather, it is meant to show you some sample customer scenarios and the question formats that you may encounter. For an in‑depth explanation of exam topics for review and study, and details on the best way to prepare for the exam, we recommend the full Official Certification Study Guide.

Publishing Details

DateMay 31, 2022

TypeOnline Sample Exam, 15 pages

Exam #HPE Master ASE Storage