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Aruba Certified Professional - Campus Access (HPE7-A01)

Official Certification Study Guide

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This study guide helps you prepare for the Aruba Certified Professional (ACP) – Campus Access certification exam (HPE7-A01). You will learn the knowledge and skills required to implement and operate enterprise level Aruba Campus Access solutions.

Topics include:

  • building wired infrastructures;
  • implementing routing with OSPF, policy-based routing, and virtual routing and forwarding (VRF);
  • implementing virtual switching with Aruba’s Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) and Aruba's Virtual Switch Forwarding (VSF);
  • using Aruba gateways for tunnel, mixed-mode, and multiple-pre-shared keys (MPSK), securing WLANs and LAN edge ports;
  • security guest access with gateways and switches; understanding and implementing gateway clusters deployments;
  • using VxLANs and global-based policies (GBPs);
  • locking down access to Aruba devices; understanding the resiliency features when using Central;
  • understanding and implementing the traffic optimization and QoS features with Aruba products;
  • managing and monitoring Aruba campus solutions.


About the Authors

Richard Deal is an independent consultant who designs wireless and wired networks and provides network management services for small companies. He has created and developed many networking courses and instructs IT professionals on the best ways to design and implement Arubaís wired and wireless network solutions. 

Peter Debruyne was co-author for the ACA-Campus Access course. He is an Aruba Certified Instructor, Aruba Certified Edge Expert: ACCX, ACMX, ACSX, and ACDX certified. 

Jakub Stelmaszczyk is an Aruba Certified Instructor, Aruba Certified Edge Expert: ACCX, ACMX, and ACSX certified.

Publishing Details


Richard Deal

Peter Debruyne

Jakub Stelmaszczyk

DateApr 18, 2023

TypeHardcover, 1054 pages

Exam #HPE7-A01

ISBN ISBN: 196005807X
ISBN13: 9781960058072