Profession Independent Information Technology and Services Professional

Country Czech Republic

Member since 2016

Radek Zima

Radek Zima is an independent consultant who started his IT career as an Assembler and PCF programmer 20 years ago. After trying several different job roles including computer typesetting and consultancy, he dedicated more and more time to Compaq and later HP/HPE related projects and eventually decided to continue solely as a consultant in datacenter infrastructure and printing solutions area.

Radek’s main job these days is to help HPE channel partners and customers with IT infrastructure design, implementation and maintenance (including server, storage, networking, management and cloud software). He is organizing workshops, delivering demonstrations, conference presentations and trainings for HPE channel partners, customers and HPE employees directly or through training centers around the globe. Radek is also working on HPE courseware, hands-on exercises and exam development projects.

Radek has a Bachelor’s and Master of Science degree from Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economics in Prague. When not sitting next to the keyboard or staying next to the whiteboard, he is teaching students how to fly an aircraft or enjoys the beauty of flying both powered and unpowered planes on his own.