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Profession Director (Platinum Training Services Ltd) and Business Associate (Xenca Ltd)

Country United Kingdom

Member since 2011


Ken Radford

Ken left school at 16 years of age with a CSE in English Language and another in maths. Armed with these extensive qualifications, he secured a place as an apprentice engineer with a large British aircraft and weapons systems manufacturer (mainly because his father worked there).

After three painful years of study, and being politely asked not to return for the fourth year of the apprenticeship, he decided to follow his passion for music by touring with a professional band.

Several years as a starving musician followed, culminating in a decision to leave the field of professional musicianship to ‘make some money’.

This new career direction led to Ken working in the Middle East for several years on an engineering project, and to him actually making some money!

Following the completion of this project in 1984, Ken decided to enrol in a full-time computer course at a college in London. This awoke in Ken a second passion (the first being music, remember?) 
In Ken’s own words “For the first time in my life, I realised that I wasn’t stupid (in spite of being told by teachers that I was)”. This new-found freedom from stupidity resulted in Ken completing the course with Distinctions and gaining a Diploma in Mainframe Computer Technology

Several years of employment followed with Ken taking the decision to leave a highly-paid position with a global computer manufacturing giant (not IBM, the other one) in 1999 to run his own IT consultancy and training business.

Ken has written three books with HP Press and in his own words “they are the best publisher I have ever worked with. Their support and encouragement have been immensely valuable.”

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